Pawarenga Church

Pawarenga - Pawarenga Church

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Pawarenga Church - Credit: Tristan Tuckey

Pawarenga Church - Credit: Tristan Tuckey
Pawarenga Chuch Pawarenga Church Pawarenga Pawarenga
well hello as you no my name is tonia
im from Pawarenga and i go to Broadwood
Area School.
and i would like to say hi to boo, jenz, shanz,ma fwend kudz,ma
ada fwend ani,n to everyone else that reads this thanx.

oh and jayde georgina
tonia   |   19 February 2009 02:56am   Quote
helo my name is racheal and i have a daughter that hur fatha is from pawarenga
his name is gerrat ratana just trying to find owt mi daughters pepha from there
if anyone can help that wuld be greatly helpful
racheal   |   14 March 2009 00:26am   Quote
hi, my grandmother was born and raised in pawarenga,
i was brought up in
papakura and dont really know too much about my whakapapa but would really like
to know where i can search for some pieces to my puzzle im collecting.
my e
mail is
anyway, a big hi to any cuzzies that may tune
in to this page
sonny hape   |   27 March 2009 17:40pm   Quote
Kia Ora my mother was meri waipouri and her parents were wiha and tote, I'd like
to say that this is so kewl to see this site brings back alot of memories seeing
the church lol. kia ora to all the whanau up there.

Does anyone know about
the documentry thats surpose to coming up soon about pawarenga, you can let me
know via e-mail...

Kia Ora
Janita Andrews   |   06 August 2009 00:01am   Quote
Kia Ora

Are you referring to the documentary called Te Koha O Whaea Irihapeti
– The Gift of Sister Elizabeth?
Charlie   |   07 August 2009 09:10am   Quote
my dad from up there we stay n wellington now i havnt been up there yet
tipene   |   19 September 2009 01:59am   Quote
kia ora iv live up there in the 70 to the 80s it was cool staying up there my
mum last name was Rudolph and my dads last name was stephens my dads buried up
there,im related to the prini,waipouri,i live in wellington now.i havnt been
home 4 a while, is there anyone from up there that stays in wellington.
tipene   |   29 September 2009 03:18am   Quote
tipene   |   29 September 2009 03:38am   Quote
Kia-ora my name is Kaalene Topia nmy grandparents are Lena & Tara Rudolph & they
have been living up there since 1984. My parents are Patrick and Lucia Topia,
my grandfather Wiremu Topia is burried at the "beach church" up on the
hill, I'm pretty much related to everyone up there lol great place go there
every chance that I get I now stay in Gordonton with my partner. If you need
help with anything be glad to help my email CHEERS
Kaalene   |   06 November 2009 07:03am   Quote
hi well im hemaima jst 2 let every 1 no cum up 2 da nu years day every new years
eve. so mch fun happens nd great 2 c evry1 as well
hemaima   |   11 November 2009 06:30am   Quote
crazy place! im of the Herbet whanau but live out west aucks
undercover   |   06 January 2010 05:23am   Quote
Tena Koe,

I used to go to another cute white church up there and it had a
primary school run by nuns, rode to school from the purple house that burnt down
a while back and most of our "bones" are there.
My mothers parents
were/are Koronirio Kereopa and Sophie Waipouri, their boys were well known,
Rueben, Wiremu, Hamuera, Makarita, Julia and my mother Mary. I think my brother
Stephen and Pania are still up there, Cushla and Warwick were, and Leo and
Damian are Townies.
I live in South Australia and googled Pawarenga and this
wicked site came up.
Mike Reddington   |   24 January 2010 14:03pm   Quote
Great that you found this site and liked it. Keep up the stories.
charlie   |   25 January 2010 19:22pm   Quote
I still remember from the mid to late sixties there was a teepee by the swinging
bridge, things would get interesting for them when the creek flooded
ocassionally coz they lived over the other side and the bridge would drag in the
I remember Uncle Sam playing rugby at the marae, falling asleep in the
marae listening to all the people talking in Maori late into the night at huis
and mate-s, Aunty Maria and her gumboot, packet of milk arrowroots after church
on Sundays where we went in an old "pu-tara bomb" as we called the old
ford pickup. I don't clearly remember my grandfather, whose other name was Leo
Eddie coz his fathers name was Eru or Eddie Kereopa, very well but he got
electrocuted just after the power got put in up there in 1962-ish, my brother
was born nearly the same day and carries his name
So don't get me started on
stories, theres only good ones thats why I still love the place and one day will
Mike Reddington   |   26 January 2010 13:58pm   Quote
Tena Koutou nga whanau o Pawarenga. Though my name doesn't sound like one from
Pawarenga it is a deep reflection of the Catholic ways that some of my
grandparents came to cherish. Engari, I'm all good with it. I just spent 10
glorious days up there with my whanau (50 all up). My whanau links are Pirini,
Waipouri, Maika, Peri, Poriwhira and Kerehama. Marae DIY was successful at Taiao
(marae on the beach), and I have 2 daughters lying at the church on the hill
(Hato Kaperiere).Place is full of wild horses and sky dishes holding up some of
the whare, so cool to see the kids still riding bare back on the beach,(don't
tell O.S.H lol!), can still enjoy a hikoi 'round the kawhe or up the maunga
Ongaro and Makora Pa site. I believe Hori Proctor still does horse treks up the
golden stairs and the fish are still running. PURE PARADISE. My Ma and Pa are
Pio and Chrissy Jacobs, feel free to email me if you are
Bernadette Jacobs (Bunny)   |   01 February 2010 10:46am   Quote
kia ora everyone i have alot of fond memories of pawarenga my grandmother and
uncle are buried there my grandmother was bertha waipouri and my mumz bro john
brown i actually grew up in kohukohu but went to broadwood area school where i
met all my cussies from pawarenga and every where else i went to school with
simon pirini brian marsh sid waipouri antz samson so long ago i used to take off
and stay at pawarenga and yes they were good times riding horses i havent been
back there for 30 years
kia ora to you all
flo patea nee ngapera   |   08 February 2010 09:14am   Quote
hey 2 anyone who finds this site:-) my name is Marion(nee Proctor) live in
Pukekohe but my dads bones are from Pawarenga. When we were kids our whole
extended family put $ into a family club & every 2 years we hired a bus up north
4our trip2 Pawarenga. Precious childhood memories of people now gone, aunty
myra, aunty isobel, uncle mike haturini, uncle eddie, uncle tomtom, my dad
jim,uncle danny morunga, hilarious trips, whanau playing cards in the middle
aisle of the bus, drinkingB4 the whole advert stuff.. (we're happy
drinkers),arguing (what they say about Proctors? too many chiefs no indians lol
well us kids used to say that)talking,laughing, all the cuzzies from
everywhere..Taupo, Chch, Auck, Hastings, Raglan.. My nans a Rudolph Sarah(Hera),
her dad George Rudolph and my grandpa is Bill Proctor, 4got his dads name think
Robert, his mum Ani Amukete,yep grew up with the stories bout my g'pa working in
the bush with the ho...
jpskid   |   17 February 2010 11:54am   Quote
Kia Ora, my maiden name is Laura Mash (living in West Aucks) and I googled
Pawarenga and found this website too. My grandfathers name is Charlie Marsh
buried at this church and my grandmother is Teresa Rudolph (now living in
Perth). I don't know much about my whakapapa but am very interested to find out
more and I also have never visited Pawarenga however it is next on my holiday
list as it has been on my mind for a long time. I also recently found out that
my netball coach is a Waipouri from Pawarenga; always exciting to find whanau

Will definately keep tabs on this page :)
Laura Taane-Williams (Marsh)   |   29 April 2010 07:22am   Quote
Kia Ora, it's been years since I've been back to Pawarenga and fortunately our
family are visiting this weekend. Am really excited about taking our children
to the family marae and seeing who's still living up there. My family are the
Peri whanau. Rita & Ron Peri (grandparents), Glen Peri and Alice Nacey
(parents), Ricki,Summer,Salena, Omega Peri.
Will spread the word though the
family grapevine about this site.
Kali Taylor   |   05 May 2010 10:43am   Quote
Like my sister above Flo I too googled Pawarenga and came up with this site and
I see a lot of names I know. Haven't been to Pawarenga for at least ten years
but visit my parents and in-laws who live over the hill in Panguru. Yep my dad
is from Panguru and also has bones in Motukaraka. Mum is from Tehuahua,
Kohukohu and hails from the Brown whanau. Her mum was a Waipouri (she was a
sister to Hone Waipouri)unfortunately we never met her but we were fortunate
enough to meet uncle Hone. My grandpa Jack Brown was the only grandparent we
had met as the others passed away well before we were born. How lucky our
children are to have met all four grandparents and I have six granddaughtes who
have also have their grandparents and great grandparents. All I can say is the
Hokianga rocks and growing up as a child there was awesome!! Kia ora koutou
Georgina Rudkin (nee Ngapera)   |   05 May 2010 11:47am   Quote
Kia Ora to every1,
just typed up Pawarenga with my daughter and blow me dead!
what an awesome page. i went to school at Hato Maria and high school i went to
Broadwood Area school. and left Pawarenga for auckland in 1970 but always kept
in touch and went home as often as i could. just want to say kia ora to Rimini,
NiggaBoy, Hepa and everyone there who is still at Pawarenga
Mike Arama   |   28 June 2010 11:48am   Quote
hi my name is monica everybody knows me by dad is eru ratana and mother
is nellie erus adopted dorta..theirs me my bro eb hu is know 46yrs
,and moans like my mum hehehehhe,then theres farnecia her nickname is funny face
hehehe and my bro gerrat the carrot lol..our homestead is along the beach next
to my unty saddies pirinis homestead.i remeba playing up by the church after
being told not to go up there hehehe but that was the good days..well whanau dnt
be go home its your whenua
monz   |   29 June 2010 05:14am   Quote
Heading back to Pawaranga at xmas. My parents were Hari and Munuwera Waipouri.I
used to go to Broardwood area school with Jacob Proctor,Frances Waipouri,Les
Sampson,The Herbs,Garry Tamaho,Tammy Tamaho,Kathy Proctor,Yvonne Proctor and
many more. My sibblings are Huna,Paddy,Merry,Maisy,Cricket,Greame,Fatto.And
other burried on the hill. Now living in Aus at this
Dr op me a line or give me a
Gigi Waipouri (zack)   |   03 July 2010 08:27am   Quote
Kia ora

Do you mean The Herbs as in the band?
charlie   |   03 July 2010 18:27pm   Quote
racheal wrote:
helo my name is racheal and i have a daughter that hur fatha is from
pawarenga his name is gerrat ratana just trying to find owt mi daughters
pepha from there if anyone can help that wuld be greatly helpful
Anonymous   |   23 July 2010 06:40am   Quote
wassup guys im recan kauwhata and im heading back up there at christmas i live
in auckland , but im from pawaernga and nagwha . i live in westauckland the
westside :) igo to kelston girls college . cant eait for sports day :) yeah boii
, chuuurrrr ! shout out to jae kauwhata , maryellen kauwhata m bronson proctor ,
kourtney hunia and adriana kauwhata . mwahs
recan .   |   20 July 2010 22:57pm   Quote
Hello my name is Leanne, my dad is from Pawarenga his name is Wiremu (AKA -
Sonny). His father was Kapiere Ngatote Waipouri and his mother was Wiha (Ihaka)
Waipouri! This is an awesome site, really nice reading all the comments posted.
Leanne   |   13 August 2010 02:24am   Quote
Kia Ora Koutou,
My Name is Mariana Martin. My Grandparents come from Pawerenga
their names were Ngakuru Pukeroa and Amelia Pukeroa (nee Waipouri).
Really great
to know that this site connects whanau from all over the country and te Ao!!!
Mariana Martin (nee Pukeroa)   |   19 August 2010 04:19am   Quote
Stumbled across this when I googled Pawarenga like many others. Awesome to see
so many friends and whanau comments here. So many treasured memories from
Pawarenga. I'm a Marsh. Mum was a Waipouri (Mabel, Mereta) sister of Hirni,
Manuera, and Tote. Father was Matiu brother of Anaru (Punto) and Keti. Yep same
Brian that went to school with 'Flo" Syd, Simon, Antz.
Left in 1980 to join
the Army and 30 yrs later I'm still proudly serving in the Army. Live in
Christchurch now. Don't have much opportunity to go home. Have to make time I
guess. Bump into some whanau and kids of friends throughout the Army.
Brian   |   16 October 2010 02:10am   Quote
Aue!!!! I forgot Hera Roberts (nee Waipouri) who was also my mum's sister
Brian   |   16 October 2010 02:13am   Quote
Kia Ora whanau, my Mother inlaw is Ngaire Puru nee Waipouri. Just had the best
New Years in Pawarenga, The first time at the annual Sports day Mean maori Mean.
A huge thanks to Uncle Dilly & Aunty Bubs for your hospitality mean feeds lol.
To all those who attended Aunty Paddy's 60th, was awesome to meet you all
beautiful whanau. Again Mean feed. Pawarenga, Paradise, the closet you will ever
get to pure Heaven. My Grandmother is Waituhi Karaka or Matiu born in Pakanae, I
know of one sister Aunty Tati, can anyone help with anymore info please, Kiaora
any connections to Pawarenga.
Sean Castle   |   12 January 2011 09:55am   Quote
Thank goodness for stumbling around in google lol!
Bernadette   |   26 January 2011 09:08am   Quote
trying to locate a frances waipouri if any one can help last i heard she was in
aus victoria
paul farish   |   07 March 2011 22:05pm   Quote
my grandfathers frm this place ted atama adams
nasstasja adams   |   19 April 2011 23:56pm   Quote
Leanne wrote:
Hello my name is Leanne, my dad is from Pawarenga his name is Wiremu (AKA -
Sonny). His father was Kapiere Ngatote Waipouri and his mother was
Wiha (Ihaka) Waipouri! This is an awesome site, really nice reading
all the comments posted.

MONICA   |   31 May 2011 01:37am   Quote
Ranger   |   16 July 2011 00:08am   Quote
kia ora koutou,My names jason Marsh im from "PAWARENGA".My grandparents
on mumz side are James(jimmy bloss)pirini&Susan(bubby)pirini-nee Rudolph and on
dadz side matthew marsh&mabel marsh-nee waipouri.Yes pawarenga is a alsm place,i
have grown up there all my lyf and still live there.Anywayz it goes like this
free kina's,Kutai,oysters,fish eg)flounder,kahawai,mullet,snapper....i mean
karati lol crays,priceless ocean views and no cops lmfaol.Can get cold up here
though but doesnt bother us up hea.Anyway went to school up hea at hata maria
from 92'-99'b4 movin to college at hato petera.Well all i can say is im related
to evry 1 4rm hea and if u want any info bout ur whenua trust me my nana bubby
knowz everything so jus email me and thankz whanau
4 listening 2 my bit of a story.
Jason Marsh   |   16 July 2011 21:07pm   Quote
Kiaora whanau.

im luvn the comments coming from whanau all over.... sooo luvly
2 find whanau who are connected 2 our small hometown with the biggest heart
PAWARENGA... My mother is Ngaire Puru (Waipouri) My Grandfather Tote Waipouri
from Pawarenga. My grandmother Wiha Waipouri(Ihaka) from Punguru... Kiaora 2 all
the Whanau out there, to those i have never met or maybe passed, hopefully we
could connect one day.. One of my main goals is 2 connect with whanau and korero
whakapapa, history etc... all about our Hometown PAWARENGA hearty harrd
Rebecca Puru   |   11 August 2011 13:26pm   Quote
kia ora koutou katoa

my daughter is studying at te wananga o raukawa
friend is doing whina cooper what an awesome page my friend and her whanau
stay in pawarenga
ida smith   |   28 August 2011 13:31pm   Quote
Many a good time spent in Pawarenga:)
Denn Murphy   |   05 October 2011 14:50pm   Quote
just sayin hello 2 all the whanau
tanirau waipouri   |   30 November 2011 02:42am   Quote
Kia Ora,

My Nan is Brownie Rudolph and she got to many sisters and brothers to
name. My Gramps Charlie Marsh, my Mother is Bella Marsh.

Mean to c u on here

Ohake Marae.

Can anyone tell me the first maraes name and the
churches i only know st gabs name
Jimmy Marsh   |   26 January 2012 08:46am   Quote
The name on the first marae is Kurahaupo, however it is generally known as
Morehu. The church next to the school is Hata Maria and the urupa is Po Te Kari.
The middle church is an Anglican church, dont know the name though. Taio is the
beach marae but I dont know the exact name of the marae itself.
Middle marae is
Maru o Te Huia, and the complex is called Ohaki. Dont know the name of the
"new" marae though.
sharon   |   02 March 2012 06:17am   Quote
REWI waipouri ARAMA elone mele   |   05 April 2012 03:18am   Quote
REWI waipouri ARAMA melekiola wrote:
REWI waipouri ARAMA melekiola wrote:
US ALL (>'_^) XOX
rewi waipouri elone   |   05 April 2012 03:31am   Quote
Hi All, Is there anybody that can help me find family members Henry Samson,
Martha Gilbert Hunia (married Henry Samson), had at least 1 son John Samson who
had Sons Neil & Ivan Samson.
I am doing a family tree and am trying to find the
right family. This family is from Pawarenga.

Cheers & look forward to some
Email me
Sharon   |   11 May 2012 10:49am   Quote
My name is Linda and my dad Barney John Wharewaka.I've only been up there bout
2-3 times but the more i see of it online makes me happy seeing such a beautiful
My mmother is a Rudolph from Kaeo-Pupuke.
Can't wait to take me kiddies
back there.
Linda   |   22 May 2012 09:39am   Quote
Kia Ora, My links are as follows:
My maiden name is Cashell
Fathers name is
Joseph Addam Cashell
His Mothers name was Raiha Cashell nee Waipouri
Her Father
was Ritete Waipouri

Love the memories, but havent gone back for about 19 years.

Im 31 now with kids of my own and hope to go back soon.
Jazmine King   |   15 June 2012 11:54am   Quote
Kia Ora all,

Lived up there back in the late 80's. Heaps of fun for a young
fella, O.P.G. cause a few funny and early nights.
My dads name is Doc Cassidy,
sadly he passed away 4 years ago, buried up at the church by Morehu. Mums name
is Daphne Cassidy.
Just like most others, i just stumbled across this TU MEKE
page. My 2 brother are up there, Andrew Cassidy and Rob (Doh!!) Cassidy.

been up there much since i have my own family now but memories will always last.
Alton   |   21 July 2012 13:01pm   Quote
Great site, Many great memories of Pawarenga , Pangaru,Broadwood and Herekino in
the 70's 80's. Regularly visited to do Post Office audits. Stayed with wonderful
Meri and George Waipouri in broadwood. Meri was the best cook. Have never eaten
paua since as nothing matched her's.
Cathie Wright   |   21 August 2012 22:58pm   Quote
Kia Ora guys im 17 and from Pawarenga but currently living in aux!
I am very
close to my family in Pawarenga, my favourite thing about Pawarenga would be the
freeness and unstressfull fun time I have with my family. I cant wait to go up
for new years!

My Dad is Dean Peri an my grandfather is Mathew Tamaho Peri, i
love this place sooo much and do plan on moving up next year!
Any body who
wants a hand with getting to know the Peri,tamaho,waipouri,proctorand marsh
whanau please do not hesitate to get hold of me
Ph: 0211389604

Tuuu Mekkee Cuhs!
Maraea Tamaho Peri   |   10 September 2012 23:23pm   Quote
Kia Ora Kia Ora Whanua,

Just wanted to add and say primo to find this site when
you google "PAWARENGA" crack up alrite.

Well my nan is the one and only
"Harriett (aunty Allie) Pirini nee Rudolph and our papa Mena Pirini who is
buried at the cuhrch behind Morehu.
My mum is Marci, her sis & bro's
Rata,Scotty,Whero,Stephen Karena,barbara Wikaira, Joe, Carlos, Marty.
Our lil
bro james stayed up there with our nan & papa for awhile

Have the meanest
memories from staying up Pawarenga. Every holidays we would pack up the blue van
with everything and all us cuzzies as well as the dogs.. cruise up with the mean
sounds, and stop at nearly every shop. Get to the Green house in Pawarenga bout
midnight and away we went unpacking and getting the candles out and starting the
fire. Food was always first as was the water from up the back as was all our
beds & hundreds of blankets ...
Took my babies back there Oct 2010 to show th...
Lornz Andreassend   |   25 September 2012 08:48am   Quote
Hera Roberts (nee Waipouri) was my Kui. I never met her. Son of Wayne and Wahi
and nephew of Lawrence Roberts, Frank Roberts, Gabrielle Roberts, Anna Pospisil,
Theresa Roberts and Shirley Roberts. My siblings are Anita Roberts, Tiweni
Roberts and Matthew Roberts. Tiwini has a son Griffin Roberts and my daughters
name is Meadow Vallen-Roberts. There is a Whanau reunion in Pawarenga Jan/Feb
Wayne Roberts   |   22 October 2012 09:52am   Quote
Sharon wrote:
Hi All, Is there anybody that can help me find family members Henry Samson,
Martha Gilbert Hunia (married Henry Samson), had at least 1 son
John Samson who had Sons Neil & Ivan Samson.
I am doing a family tree
and am trying to find the right family. This family is from

Cheers & look forward to some information.
Maria Samson.hi sharon yep we   |   23 January 2013 05:42am   Quote
Kai Ora
My Name Is Raiha Cashell, My Grandfather is
Te Uri O Joe Cashell And My
Grandmother is Raiha Waipouri

I dont No alont About my family from up in
Raiha Cashell   |   16 February 2013 03:13am   Quote
Kia Ora whanau,
Just goggled Pawarenga to find out where my great grandmother
is buried her name is Cecellia Matthews this page came up my grandmothers name
is Mere Matthews nickname Doodang my mums names is Bernadette Waitere I would
like to meet my family from up the far north and let my kids know there kaupapa
all I remember is the homestead up on the hill any help will do would love to
meet all the whanau..
Kelz   |   27 March 2013 04:03am   Quote
Kia Ora Jimmy,

Howi a your nan, she is a sister to my nan (aunty Ally)
your mum will know here, as her haha, my mum is marci you may remember us
but you were little as.
Just wanted to give a shout out to you and
your whanau say hi to mum from all the whanau, me and the bro james live on
the coast, my sis ione & bro haare in adelaide with our mum.
this site let all the whanau check it out.
Take care & god bless

Jimmy Marsh wrote:
Kia Ora,

My Nan is Brownie Rudolph and she got to many sisters and
brothers to name. My Gramps Charlie Marsh, my Mother is Bella Marsh.

to c u on here Laura CUZZIEE!

Ohake Marae.

Can anyone tell me the
first maraes name and the churches i only know st gabs name
Lornz Andreasend   |   05 April 2013 10:50am   Quote
Gee the typing bit bad, blame it on the computer
Lornz Andreasend wrote:
Kia Ora Jimmy,

Howi a your nan, she is a sister to my nan (aunty Ally)
your mum will know here, as her haha, my mum is marci you may remember us
but you were little as.
Just wanted to give a shout out to you and
your whanau say hi to mum from all the whanau, me and the bro james live on
the coast, my sis ione & bro haare in adelaide with our mum.
this site let all the whanau check it out.
Take care & god bless

Jimmy Marsh wrote:
Kia Ora,

My Nan is Brownie Rudolph and she got to many sisters and
brothers to name. My Gramps Charlie Marsh, my Mother is Bella Marsh.

to c u on here Laura CUZZIEE!

Ohake Marae.

Can anyone tell me the
first maraes name and the churches i only know st gabs name
lornz Andreassend   |   05 April 2013 10:56am   Quote

my name is michelle gerrard my mother is peata Samson, my grandfather who
I never met is himiona hamahona and is buried in the pawerenga cemetery.

I have
been raised in oz but visited pawerenga twice as a child with my parents...I
know very little about my grandfather as he passed when my mum was 4 years
old...when we stayed at pawerenga we stayed at my auntys place and all I know is
her name was aunty mary and my cousin jane Samson was living with her.

I would
really love to learn more about my ancestors and grandfather, please can someone
help me?
michelle gerrard   |   31 May 2013 00:12am   Quote
Kia ora, my grandfather was born and raised in Pawerenga, his name was Mack
Pirini, he married Maata Cook. My father was Patrick Pirini who married Nancy
Noa. Anyone who is connected please let me know as I would really love to find
out more about my grandfathers whanau.
Priscilla Pirini   |   16 July 2013 08:00am   Quote
Hi I have never been to Pawerenga it is a place I always wanted to so hopefully
one day I get there. My auntie Ada Huia Marsh nee Strongman is buried on top of
the hill. I have been enjoying reading the stories and memories of Pawerenga.
Keep up the good work and I will ertainly check this site out again soon.
Myrine McMahon   |   15 August 2013 03:52am   Quote
Maria Samson.hi sharon yep we wrote:
Sharon wrote:
Hi All, Is there anybody that can help me find family members Henry Samson,
Martha Gilbert Hunia (married Henry Samson), had at least 1 son
John Samson who had Sons Neil & Ivan Samson.
I am doing a family tree
and am trying to find the right family. This family is from

Cheers & look forward to some information.
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